A year or so ago I stumbled upon The Noun Project while looking for some icons for my web project. The site was still green back then with just a number of icons uploaded per keyword.

I also found that designers are encouraged to help the community by uploading SVG icons and I quickly browse through my old works and uploaded 2-3 icons and later during my free time I designed and uploaded about 3 more.

Months passed and once in a while I went back to the site to look for some icons. I also didn’t pay attention when they emailed the users about the premium account.

And yesterday, I receive another email from them:

Dear Designer, Congratulations – you made money this month just by sharing your icons with The Noun Project community! Keep up the great work. The more icons you upload, the more you can make each time your icon is licensed. Best wishes, The Noun Team

What a pleasant surprise. It’s like finding a $10 notes inside your old jeans! I took this as a motivation and today uploaded 3 more icons 😀